Sneeze Shields

Sneeze Shields & Clear Acrylic Dividers

As our nation begins to reopen the economy, many employers are faced with new challenges for keeping their employees and customers safe. Our clear acrylic dividers and sneeze shields are designed to provide a protective barrier to prevent airborne contaminants from being transferred from one person to another. After all, paper masks and hand sanitizers can only do so much, and you are responsible for maintaining physical separation when social distancing is not possible. Sneeze shields and clear acrylic dividers from Dust Free PC, offer a sustainable solution for a broad spectrum of commercial applications. With today’s workplace being renowned for open workspaces, the coronavirus outbreak has created an immediate need for protective products that are easy to install, clean and disinfect. Dust Free PC sneeze shields provide a clear solution that can be mounted on a desk, hung from ceiling mounts, or be used as a freestanding acrylic divider. As you get your business ready to safely reopen, take advantage of our manufacturing capabilities to provide invisible sneeze shields and clear acrylic dividers that block airborne particles expelled during a sneeze, cough, or verbal communication. Our see-through dividers can be wiped down and disinfected as often as needed to protect cashiers, clerks, tellers, customer service personnel and help desk attendants as well as workers in all types of commercial and industrial facilities. For smaller companies faced with the challenge presented by the COVID-19 epidemic, the changes may be more modest, but the importance weighs just as heavily. To discuss your specific needs for cough & sneeze shields using clear acrylic dividers, contact Dust Free PC today.