DFP400BP Barcode Label Printer Enclosure

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DFP400BPU Barcode Label Printer Enclosure.  Keep your barcode printer running clean on your warehouse floor. Barcode Label Printer Enclosure provides protection from dirty, dusty production environments. DFP400BP is industrial tough and the...

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DFP400BPU Barcode Label Printer Enclosure.  Keep your barcode printer running clean on your warehouse floor.

Barcode Label Printer Enclosure provides protection from dirty, dusty production environments. DFP400BP is industrial tough and the most user friendly Barcode Printer Enclosure on the market.

The DFP400BP series of barcode label printer enclosures act like an industrial printer dust cover, keeping airborne debris from entering and damaging your barcode label printers.  The clear acrylic front door has a label slot in the correct location for your specific printer.  The DFP400BP features a removable base for total equipment access and easy cable routing.  A bi-fold top/side door allows for safe and easy access when changing labels or printer ribbon.  Our NEMA style positive pressure enclosures are the most user friendly on the market and are built for your specific printer model.  Our industrial tough ABS construction works great with wireless networks.  Replacement filters are the DFP003, they are sold in cases of 12 filters.

DFP400BP Label Printer Enclosures will Accommodate:

  • Afinia Avery ADTP1-ATO printer
  • CAB A4+ printer
  • CUB CB-624M printer
  • DataMax H-4212, H-4212RFID, H-4212X, H-4408, H-4606, H-4606X, H-6210, H6210X, H-6308, H-8308, H-8308X, I-4208, I-4212E, I-4310E, I-4606 MKII, M series, M4210, P1115S, P1120N, P1125, P1725 printers  
  • Epson C7500 printer
  • GoDex printers
  • Honywell PX900, PX940 printers 
  • Intermec 3400E, PM43, PM43c, PM43ca, PM4i, PX4i, PX6i printers
  • Monarch printers
  • Postek TX2, TX3, TX6 printers
  • Primera LX910, LX2000 printers
  • Printroniix T2N, T4M, T8204, T8304 printers
  • Sato CL412E, CL408E, CL412NX, CL4NX, CL6NX, CL608NX, CL6012NX, M10E, M84Pro, TG308, TG312, X-2000V, X-2300ZE printers
  • TSC MX240, MX340, MX640, TTP-246M Pro, TTP-344M Plus, TTP-346M printers
  • Toshiba B-SZ5T, B-EX4T1 amd B-EX4T2 printers
  • Zebra BP S4M, 105SL, 110Xi series, 140Xi4, 170Xi4, 220Xi4, ZM4, ZM400, ZM6, ZM600, ZT200, ZT220, ZT230, ZT410, ZT420, ZT421, ZT510, ZT610, ZT620 printers and others.

Ask About Our:

  • Barcode Label Catch Tray
  • Barcode Label Printer Enclosure Heaters and A/C
  • Custom Barcode Label Printer Stand
  • Extra Label Storage
  • Barcode Label Printer Workstation, Built to your Specifications

If you don't see your printer listed here, please fill out the above form with your printer information.  We will build you an enclosure that fits all your printer needs.



Enclosure Features

  • Micron fan and filter system
  • Safe bi-fold door for easy label change
  • Built for your specific label printer
  • Removable base for easy equipment access
  • Great for wireless networks
  • NEMA rated enclosure
  • Industrial ABS construction
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • 5 Year Warranty



Available Accessories:


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Industrial ABS Construction Design

Our NEMA rated enclosures are designed and built out of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, for high impact resistance and suitability for heavy duty industrial environments.

ABS Technology Advantages

  1. Outstanding formability
  2. Very high impact strength
  3. High tensile strength and stiffness
  4. Excellent high and low temperature performance
  5. Resistant to many chemicals and plasticizers
  6. Will not rust or corrode

Micron Fan & Filter System


The Fantec F12038B1HT 120V cooling fan measures 120x120x38mm, with an airflow of 103 CFM and noise level of 39dBA.

  • Helps provide a safe temperature for control cabinets
  • Avoids damage to cabinet equipment due to overheating
  • Includes everything needed for cooling fan system
  • Fan guard provides 23-30% greater airflow than sheet metal guards
  • Fan power cord is UL & CSA listed
  • Cooling fan is UL & CUL recognized, RoHS compliant


Lift-Off Hinges

Our enclosures feature durable Nylon Lift-Off hinges. The Lift-Off hinges make it easy to remove the doors of the enclosure for easily accessible equipment maintenance.


All of our Enclosures come with stainless steel hardware to ensure a sleek design, and longevity of the enclosure.


All of our enclosures are compatible with wireless networks.

5 Year Warranty

All of Dust Free PC dust proof PC and DVR enclosures come with a 5-Year Warranty.

Dust Free PC is a premier NEMA computer enclosure/cabinet manufacturer, offering standard and custom enclosure solutions for industrial markets around the world.

Products manufactured by Dust Free PC shall be warranted of defects and workmanship for 5 years from the date of purchase. Components integrated in the enclosure, not manufactured by Dust Free PC will utilize the original manufacturer’s warranty.



"Made in the USA." It's a label that evokes patriotism, carries an unspoken promise of quality and has a political undertone of job security for American workers.

That spirit of innovation remains at the heart of everything we do here at Dust Free PC. Our products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards including:

High Quality

High Performance

High Durability

High Functionality

High Sustainability