Countertop Free Standing Sneeze Guard

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Social distancing sneeze guards and barriers to help combat the spread of Covid-19

Covid-19 has made it necessary to maintain proper social distance and physical separation from splashes and sprays to mitigate exposure for associates and clients. Sneeze guards are ideal for medical, grocery, convenience, retail, office settings and any point of sale environment.  They are built to help reduce the spread of contagious, airborne germs commonly spread by coughing or sneezing.

We understand how this pandemic is affecting communities all over the world. Our sneeze guards are designed to give your employees and customers an extra layer of defense from germs and bacteria. During this uncertain time, this virus may be with us for many months to come and we are ready to help businesses keep their customers safe.

These free standing guards are made from durable clear acrylic plastic, aka plexiglass.  They will come with stabilizing feet that have pre-drilled holes if you decide to secure them to your counter top.  The feet also have double sided adhesive on the bottom for a non-permanent secure mounting option.  These guards offer you a way to protect your employee and customer without making permanent modifications to your sales counter.

There are two standard sizes.  2’w x 2’h solid shield with two feet and 2’w x 3’h solid shield with two feet.  Both these sizes can also have a 10″ w x 5″h pass through in the center of the panel.

We offer live hinges to connect multiple panels together for more flexibility in point of sale configurations.  We have 1’w x 3’h, 2’w x 3’h and 2’w x 3’h with pass through cut out panels available to customize for your specific needs.

Dust Free PC manufactures custom and standard sneeze guards and splash barriers.  We can design a custom shield in any size or shape with any options you may need such as access holes and mounting options.

  • Built for your requirement
  • Standard Styles
  • Custom openings
  • Custom mounting solutions
  • Free standing

Email or call 904-739-7201 for more information or custom needs.



WARNING: This product can expose you to Ethyl Acrylate, which is known to the State of California to cause Cancer. For more information go to


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