Stop Replacing Production Hardware...Protect It!

February 20, 2020

We seem to hear from manufacturing, logistics and warehousing companies almost every day that are fed-up replacing expensive production hardware. Their story is basic the same. They have a busy, dirty, dust and heat filled production environment that is choking there sensitive production hardware. They experience the loss and corruption of critical data, frequent downtime and work stoppage, and are constantly buying, reformatting and installing expensive computers hardware.


Dust Free PC Protects Your Investment:

Our standard and custom designed industrial enclosures are designed protect your electronics from the ravaging effects of dust, dirt, oily grime and excessive heat found in any harsh working environment. We help protect you from data loss, data corruption, and production downtime and extend the life of your hardware by keeping it running cool and clean 24/7.


You Can’t Afford Not To:

Dust Free PC enclosures and enclosure accessories provide a quick ROI and cost way less than missed deadlines, replacing a Server or PC, Printer or LCD/TV.  All Dust Free PC enclosures come with “No Questions Asked” 3 Year Warranty and the industries best customer service.


Dust Free PC Enclosures:

We have deployed thousands of our American made industrial Computer Enclosures  Printer Enclosures  Server Enclosures Workstation Enclosures  A/C Computer Enclosures  TV/LCD Enclosures  and Custom Designed Enclosures See our Enclosure Accessories 


Don’t Forget the Filters:

Dust Free PC provides affordable, high-quality Micron Replacement Air Filters to fit any competitor makes and models.


About Dust Free PC:

Founded in 1999, Dust Free PC is a family owned and operated business that cares about our clients. Headquartered in Jacksonville Florida, we take great pride in the quality, value and effectiveness of our American made products.  We employ a talented team of fabricators and CAD designers who care about providing the best in products and customer service to every client every day.  We are a nationally recognized manufacturer of a full line of premier environmental computer enclosures, printer enclosures and electronic equipment enclosures.


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