Safeguarding Production Floor Hardware

February 20, 2020

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Shop floor computers, servers and printers are among the most valuable items in your business. Not only are they expensive to replace, they contain valuable production information and sensitive data. Without them you will probably miss deadlines and may even experience a complete stoppage of workflow.

Harsh Work Place Computer Damage:

Safeguarding your shop floor electronics requires protecting your hardware from the damaging effects of dust, dirt and heat found in all harsh work place environments. Dust Free PC industrial enclosures and cabinetry create a “Mimi Clean Room” to protect your production data and mission critic hardware. The tough ABS construction stands-up to the bangs, bumps and rough handling found in most production facilities…and work well with wireless networks.

Hardware Theft and Vandalism:

Production computers, servers, printers and peripheral make tempting targets for burglars or unhappy employees. Dust Free PC enclosures are lockable and their size and weight make caring them out the door a virtual impossibility.

With thousands of enclosure units deployed to harsh work environments, Dust Free PC keeps all your production critical electronics and applications up and running with our industry proven enclosures.

Our entire family of American made industrial Computer Enclosures  Printer Enclosures  Server Enclosures Workstation Enclosures  A/C Computer Enclosures  TV/LCD Enclosures  and Custom Designed Enclosures can be customized with door and tray locks, additional cooling and heating, temperature alarms and splash guards.

Don’t Forget the Filters:

Dust Free PC provides affordable, high-quality Micron Replacement Air Filters to fit any competitor makes and models. To know when it’s time to change the filter – see our Filter Change Alarm

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