Dust Free Your PC

April 30, 2021

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So why is a customized enclosure solution the best way to ensure the lifetime guarantee of your workstation? Protection from the elements will help to sustain your technology investment towards your company thus scaling up your productivity often delayed by malfunctioning equipment. Technology is not a perfect science. Corrosion and susceptibility to moisture and humidity in the summer months, dust accumulation can gradually decrease the effectiveness of your computer’s fan which will lead to overheating. Workers can become distracted and knock over their drinks unwittingly or have soiled hands from labor. You want to keep your technology investments running smoothly so you can maximize your work time.  

How Enclosures Help Prolong the Life of Your Electronics

Individually cleaning your tech may not be possible if the working area contains a lot of contaminants. You will find that the manufacturing areas will often have spaces where the cargo bay doors are opened for most or part of the day therefore exposing your workstations to the corrosive elements of the atmosphere. Often for particularly good reasons, reduction of electricity needed to cool and light the manufacturer, but also as part of the manufacturing process, dust and particulates are byproducts and cannot be avoided on a production or factory floor. Even with OSHA regulations protecting our workers with airborne regulations and protective gear requirements for workers, the computer station needs its protections as well. Dusty, humid, and hot, and even extremely chilly days can be particularly harsh to your gear. With more of an abundance of extreme weather, dust with the added summertime humidity layer can lead to a sticky mess that cause the fans on our computers to work harder and unfortunately overheat. Your workstation seems noisier than usual? It is the dust accumulation. Workstation enclosures effectively sustain the lifetime of your computing system.  

Finding the Best Workstation Enclosure

So consequentially you will need to find the best product to help sustain the durability of your investments. An enclosure that will be easy to set up as well as be customized for your peripherals like the monitors, printers, scanners, and whatever you need in your workstation will be customized for your particular components. Touchscreens which are used increasingly will need to be fitted to have the screen’s full functionality working properly. A NEMA rated American made product that includes a warranty and works with wireless networks and includes industrial tough ABS construction works best when looking to purchase a workstation that encompasses all your tech. When so many tech companies outsourcing materials and labor, finding a product manufactured and shipped from the United States is key to keeping our factory jobs from being shipped overseasSo, which is the best enclosure to choose? 

Versatile Products By Dust Free PC

Versatility is necessary when buying your NEMA style dual fan, positive pressure enclosures. You want a sanitary environment keeping your gear free from debris and to purchase a product you know you can depend on. Mobile enclosures have become increasingly popular to help navigate an adaptable work environment. Changing your workstation micron filter will also be critical to keeping the air perfectly clean inside your custom fitted station like the filter on any car or air conditioner to work properly. Starting prices for workstation enclosures are around $879.00 for a computer enclosure and go up to $4,945 for a complete air-conditioned enclosure for your dirtiest of work areas.  

Finding the perfect set up is easy nowadays as there are many optimization options that are readily available. With the cost of computing on the rise due to tariffs and Covid-19 shortages, it is more important than ever to ensure that your business is ready to adapt to any circumstance by keeping its computing technology in the cleanest, most sanitary enclosure possible