Dust Free Splash Guards Protect from Hardware Drowning

February 20, 2020

Industrial PC Enclosures Protect Workflow

Excessive Heat is Killing Your Production Hardware
Heat is the primary cause of hard drive failures and hardware overheating in harsh work floor environments.  Heat will wreak havoc on a system causing workflow delays, data loss, data corruption and the premature death of your hardware.

Stay Cool with Dust free PC Air Conditioned Enclosures:

Designed to protect your electronic hardware, our Air Conditioning solution can be added to most enclosures and offer up to 6000 BTU’s of self-contained cooling power. These NEMA rated enclosures are constructed of industrial tough ABS materials and stainless fasteners so they’ll work flawlessly with wireless networks.  They are Energy Star rated, run on standard 110 power and don’t require a drain.

Dust Free PC’s A/C enclosures are designed to be user friendly and are the perfect solution for shops that reach temperatures of 85 degrees or more.

Physical Damage is Butchering your Hardware

Any type of force, such as bumping, jarring, or dropping your computer may lead to serious physical damage to the hard drive. If your computer is in use at the time of the impact, the read/write heads may gouge the disks, causing damage to the data. It’s no secret that lost or corrupted data creates work slowdowns and even complete stoppage.

Dust Free PC Enclosures Protect Production Hardware from Getting Whacked:

Our entire family of industrial strength enclosures are built-tough to protect your mission critical hardware from the daily bangs and bumps that happen in any production environment.


Stop Liquids from Choking your Hardware
Moisture damage caused by cleaning, coke and coffee spell bad news for computer chips and electronic connections. Any splashed liquid may cause electrical shorts that can further damage your hardware.

Dust Free Splash Guards Protect from Hardware Drowning

Our Splash Guard system will help protect your enclosure filter and cable port from liquids. This system can be added to any enclosure.  For total wash-down capabilities ask about our NEMA 4x enclosures. 


All Dust Free PC Enclosures act like a “Mini Cleanroom” protecting your hardware from the ravages of dust, dirt, oily grime found in all harsh work environments. But don’t forget to replace those filters. Dust Free PC – Micron Replacement Filters are available in sizes to fit all competitor makes and models

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